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In our range you will find all Mattisson products that can support a ketogenic diet. From the unique C8 MCT oil, the Red Keto Oil and the Green Keto oil to the Keto series with Keto Latte, Keto Protein and Keto Meal Shake. In addition, we are happy to support this with additional products such as coconut oil and matcha powder. Curious? Then scroll on!

Mattisson Healthstyle (11)

Mattisson Vegan Keto Latte: Instant MCT & Coffee

€ 14,95

Mattisson Psyllium Husk Fiber 250gr

€ 8,95

Mattisson C8 MCT Oil 500 ml

€ 24,95

Mattisson Coconut Oil Extra Virgin

€ 7,45

Mattisson Vegan Keto Meal shake

€ 29,95

Mattisson Coconut oil deodorizing

€ 4,95

Mattisson Cacao Powder Organic 300gr

€ 6,95

Mattisson Vegan Keto Protein shake: Pea, Rice, & MCT 350g

€ 18,95

Mattisson Matcha Powder Organic

€ 16,95