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Real Salt Coarse Grinder 135 gram

Real Salt Coarse Grinder 135 grams

€ 6,95
The mineral-rich salt from Redmond's Real Salt is now also available in a handy salt mill. Even more flavor to your meals with freshly ground salt!

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There is a big difference between the qualities of salt that are available today. A quick look at the labels will sometimes surprise you! Many salts contain anti-caking agents and sometimes even dextrose (sugar). Others are again heavily processed and therefore stripped of their naturally present minerals. Real Salt®, however, is unprocessed and rich in natural minerals and taste as it should be.

According to geologists, the source of the Redmond Real Salt belongs to an old inland sea. This was probably part of the Sundance Sea, so the source can be brought back to the Jura (Jurrassic) era. Over time, the salt has been pulled from the water into the soil and slowly landed at the town of Redmond in Utah.

The source of the salt is characterized by more than 60 different natural minerals that provide the unique color, taste and benefits. Because the salt was created by nature so long ago, the source is located at least about 9 meters below the ground beneath a layer of betonite. This natural sodium clay is so dense that it makes the soil waterproof!

This has ensured that the salt has been able to retain its minerals. In addition, it has remained optimally protected against pollution, erosion and damage. This gives it a big advantage over, for example, normal kitchen salt!
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May 25, 2021
top product

tasty salt and also full of good substances. recommended!

Gretel S.
Netherlands Netherlands
February 11 2021
Good purchase!

The product is tasty, usable and refillable. The salt is good quality. Delivery was fast and well communicated

Ilonka V.
Belgium Belgium
June 12, 2020
Tastes (feels) a lot "real"!

As Janine wrote in these reviews, you would think that salt is just salt. But this salt is something different! In addition to the many healthy minerals that are contained here, the taste is also simply delicious. After reading Janine's review I had ground the salt (richly) over an egg, I thought it was very salty, but of course that depends on what you are used to. And that is also positive, because I can do a little longer with my salt! I did buy the refill bag to avoid any salt shortage in the kitchen for the time being! ;-)

Netherlands Netherlands
May 08, 2020
Deliciously salty

You would think salt is salty. Well no! Table salt is just gross, Himalayan mountain salt tastes like salmiak and Celtic sea salt like sea. Real Salt is in between the last 2. Nice to sprinkle generously on the steak, without it becoming too salty. Also delicious in self-drawn broths.

Netherlands Netherlands

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