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During a ketogenic diet it is of course also nice to be able to snack now and then! That is why you will find snacks that are low in carbohydrates, rich in healthy fats and use the right sweeteners. From nut bars to chocolate and from puffed cheese balls to biscuits.

Snacks (20)


€ 2,45

Snaffling Pig Crackling Pork 45gr

€ 1,95

Good to Go Soft-Bake bars

€ 1,95


€ 1,45

Raw & Wild Pili Nuts 22gr

€ 2,95

FattBar Almond & Butter Cookie

€ 2,45

Adonis Low Sugar nut bar

€ 1,95

OKONO Vegan Chocolate

€ 3,95

Funky Fat Choc (Keto Cocoa)

€ 34,95