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Prüvit's therapeutic exogenous ketones are unique from many others on the market. This formula is the only one on the market that uses bio-identical ketones. That means they are 100% equal to the ketones in your body. Only R-BHB ketones that are 100% naturally fermented have been used. This makes them unique in the absorption and ensure the most efficient boost of your ketosis.

This formula was developed by scientists for NASA and US Navy Seals and is now also available to you. Over the years, the formula has been further developed, so that you too can experience the benefits of these unique bio-identical exogenous ketones every day.

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Babs Bone Broth

Home-made bone broth! The Bone Broth from Babs Bone Broth is high-quality broth with a delicious taste. A source of collagen and protein, it even becomes gelatin when stored refrigerated. As it really should be!

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