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Keton1 KetoCheck urinestrips
Keton1 KetoCheck urinestrips

Keton1 KetoCheck urine strips

Easily measure whether you are in ketosis with these urine strips from Keton1. Easy to use and the cheapest way to measure, especially recommended when you are just starting a ketogenic diet.

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KetoCheck helps you to check if you are in ketosis. These urine strips are the most economical way to measure ketones and are especially interesting when you are just starting a ketogenic diet. This way you know exactly if you are in ketosis and if you need to adjust the diet.

- Remove one strip from the package for immediate use.
- Close the package immediately.
- Immerse the strip for 2 seconds. with the test area in the urine or hold the strip directly in the urine stream
- Remove unnecessary urine by tapping the strip.
- Wait 30 to 40 seconds for the strip to change color.
- If the strip changes color, ketones are present in the body

NOTE: Ketose test strips can be stored for up to 2 months in an opened package. For this reason there are only 50 strips in a package. A package of KetoCheck is filled with a maximum of 50 urine test strips. This way you can open the package when you actually use the strips. This way you prevent the shelf life of the Ketose test strips from expiring.

KETON1 is a Dutch company that is happy to help you with your low-carb or ketogenic lifestyle. By products like MCT powder, urine strips they provide you with the support you need. Read more about KETON1 can through this link.
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March 14 2021
Absolutely great

I already heard good reports about this .. got it a lot as a tip so I ordered it and of course used it right away! It is nice for the start that you know that you are really in ketosis and afterwards to see what your valuers are and not to go too high. So you really should have this at home when you do keto! Packaging is also a lot in all for the price!

romy b.
Netherlands Netherlands
July 10, 2020
Result not as hoped.

I expected more from this product, the strip hardly indicates a change in color. While my digital ketone meter indicates that there is 1,5 mmol / L in my blood. At 1,5, the strip should really discolour clearly, this is not the case in many cases. A waste of the 7 euros excl. Shipping.

A KetoFit Customer
mike s.
Netherlands Netherlands
03 August 2020

Hi Mike! Thank you for your review! When your body becomes more efficient in using ketones for energy, you lose less through the urine. As a result, measurement via the blood almost always becomes more reliable in the long run. You can find more information about measuring ketosis in this blog:

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