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Redmond re-lyte Lemon Lime
Redmond re-lyte ingrediënten lemon lime
Redmond re-lyte Mixed Berry
Redmond re-lyte ingrediënten Mixed Berry
Redmond re-lyte  unflavored
Redmond re-lyte ingrediënten unflavored
Re-Lyte watermelon lime kopen
Re-Lyte watermelon lime ingredienten voedingswaarde
Re-Lyte pina colada kopen
Re-Lyte pina colada ingredienten voedingswaarde
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Redmond Re-Lyte® Electrolyte Mix

Redmond's Re-Lyte has been carefully composed by a team of health and fitness specialists. The Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix contains all important minerals and comes from a 100% natural source, free from all mess!

Per serving:
✔ 1000 mg Sodium
✔ 500 mg of Potassium
✔ 1585mg Redmond Real Salt
✔ 75 mg of Calcium
✔ 60mg Magnesium
✔ 60+ different minerals!

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The Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix contains almost twice as much sodium (salt) as most mineral mixes. This makes it more efficient, but also gives it a slightly salty yet fresh taste. Where many people are now familiar with it Real salt from Redmond, these minerals naturally come from the same protected underground source!

The Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix is ​​also known for not being overly sweet like other brands, but keeping a good balance in it. It contains a 2: 1 ratio between sodium and potassium for optimal recovery from workouts and over 60 different minerals.

Composition and content
For the nutritional value and content, please refer to the label between the images. One package contains 50 servings with the main characteristics per serving:
✔ Sodium: 1000 mg
✔ Potassium: 500 mg
✔ Coconut water powder 100 mg
✔ Redmond Real salt: 1585 mg
✔Calcium: 75mg
✔Magnesium 60mg
✔ 60+ different minerals!

About Redmond Re-Lyte
Re-Lyte is one of the well-known (and newer!) Brands of Redmond. Redmond is known for the high-quality minerals it extracts from the underground mines in Utah. According to geologists, the source belongs to an ancient inland sea. This was probably part of the Sundance Sea, bringing the source back to the Jurassic (Jurassic) era. Over time, the salt from the water has drawn into the soil and slowly landed at the town of Redmond in Utah.

Because this source has been so well protected under a thick layer of bentonite, the salt has been able to store its minerals and has not become polluted. This allows them to provide you with one of the cleanest and richest sources of minerals. Available in the Real salt, but also as an easy supplement with this Re-lyte!
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24 August 2022

Nice mix with high potassium

I am an LMNT user, but needed a more equivalent sodium/potassium ratio. Takes a while to dissolve, but works well. I hope the individual bags will also be for sale.

Yvonne A
January 09 2022

Redmond Re-Lyte

GREAT product!! I already have quite a bit of experience through sports with various brands, but with this one you just feel the difference !! Ok, it's expensive but quality has its price

Werner V.
Belgium Belgium
19 August 2021


The Redmond's Re-Lyte is pricey but well worth it. Had to get used to the sweetness, but that's because I don't use sugars myself. And use sweeteners as little as possible. I personally don't find the taste too salty. And I notice that it has an effect because if I skip, I get cramps in my muscles. When available again I would like to try the other flavors. Redmond's Re-Lyte Berry

Netherlands Netherlands
01 August 2021

Well worth the money!

I already had good experiences with redmond salt. And read somewhere about the re-lyre powder that can replenish your minerals (especially good if you're on a ketogenic diet), it's pricey but flavors I've tried are fantastic and it works well. It tastes great in cold water!

Peggy A.
Netherlands Netherlands
July 29, 2021


Very different than expected haha. Super salty, takes some getting used to - next time a little less product. But does what it should & with 'clean' ingredients

iris v.
Netherlands Netherlands

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